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تأليف: Kate Mosse
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Labyrintha rich brew of supernaturalism and intrigue.(Kirkus Reviews) In 1891, young Léonie Vernier and her brother arrive at the home of their widowed aunt in Rennes-le-Bains, in southwest France. But nothing is as Léonie had imagined. Their aunt is young, willowy, and beautiful, and the estate is a subject of local superstition. Villagers claim that Léonies late uncle died after summoning a demon from the old Visigoth sepulchre on its grounds More than a century later, Meredith Martin, an American graduate student, arrives in Rennes-le- Bains while researching the life of Claude Debussy. Haunted by a Tarot reading she had in Parisand possessing the mysterious deck of cardsshe checks into a grand old hotel built on the site of a famous mountain estate destroyed by fire in 1896. There, the pack of Tarot cards and a piece of 19th-century music known as Sepulchre 1891 hold the key to her fatejust as they did to the fate of Léonie Vernier.

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