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Emotional Intelligence In A Week : Raise Your EQ In Seven Simple Steps

Emotional Intelligence In A Week : Raise Your EQ In Seven Simple Steps

تأليف: Jill Dann
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"Developing your emotional intelligence just got easier Experts are beginning to agree that types of intelligence other than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) have evolved as human capacities over the last two million years. Low Emotional Intelligence Quotient or EQ can be perceived as the absence of control over the outcome of a situation. Do you ever feel like this is the case - you keep getting 'poor luck' or cannot influence better results? When you have a high EQ, you are adept at interpreting the emotional roots of your thinking and behaviours and choosing your actions for beneficial outcomes. You may also be capable of making good insights into the behaviours and reactions of others through empathy and rapport. These topics are explored, step by step in Emotional Intelligence In A Week. You will gain an understanding of EI through finding out about: - Pessimism and optimism - Key milestones in the development of EI-related concepts - Measurement of EQ - a list of assessments - Identifying the benefits of 'emotional fitness' - How EI is learnable - When you get emotionally hijacked - How it will change you - How and why to keep a journal. Over this week-long course, you will cover: - Sunday: Learn how emotional intelligence is relevant to you and how and why there are benefits to developing higher levels. - Monday: Learn how heightened your self-awareness is and the implications on your life currently, for your personal life and as a leader of others. - Tuesday: Learn about the mechanisms of self-control, emotional memory and consciousness to take control of behavioural patterns. - Wednesday: Learn about stress identification and beneficial management strategies. - Thursday: Diagnose and explore change in your organization to create change, manage uncertainty and gain momentum. - Friday: Design and create a new emotionally literate culture, learning environment and a coaching ethos. - Saturday: Learn how to design and tailor successful personal development."

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