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Ramadan With The Noor Family - Hardcover

Ramadan With The Noor Family - Hardcover

تأليف: Nermine Noeman
السعر :

"It's Ramadan once again! Why do we fast? What are the Pillars of Islam? How do young people fit in to this very special Islamic practice? Sara and Adam are growing up and starting to ask some important questions. Ramadan with the Noor Family offers young learners information on Islam and the practice of Ramadan, set in a loving family story. Follow the Noor family as they teach their children throughout the holiday season, and as Sara and Adam find out how they can make their own wonderful contributions in the spirit of the Holy Month! This hardcover, picture book follows the Noor family through the Ramadan season, offering insight to Islamic beliefs and practices for children and also others outside the Islamic community interested in the basics of the religion. The Noor Family Series teaches basic religious morals, such as honesty and kindness to others, with multicultural and environmental elements. This 50 page, illustrated chapter book a special edition of the Noor Family Series, and is set in parts so that it can be read in one sitting by older children, or can be read to younger children in parts. Great for Islamic classrooms as well. "

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